Why MVW Complete Formulation Multivitamins(TM) is your best choice?

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Our products are manufactured at certified cGMP facilities to meet the guidelines set out by FDA. Routine testing occurs and every product receives a Certificate of Analysis (“COA”) upon release by the Quality Assurance team. In addition to making sure that each product meets its label claim when released, products also undergo stability testing to provide the confidence that the levels of vitamins and minerals needed in your care are consistent with the label through product expiration. We believe this is important, as we seek to ensure the highest standard of quality control from our manufacturers to our customers.

In developing our line of multivitamin products, we focused on several key
limitations reported by caregiver with other vitamin products used in CF:

1.  UNPLEASANT TASTE with Chewables.  In developing a product profile, we sought to leverage formulation chemistry to create chewable flavors with acceptable initial tastes and after-tastes, and overall good "mouth feel"

2.  BELCHING with Softgels.  Belching (or repeating) is an issue often associated with CF-specific softgels, and one that limits use.  In over three years, we have not received a single complaint about this common limitation.

3.  UNPLEASANT SMELL with Softgels.  Again, many CF-specific softgel products have an unpleasant odor.  This too limits acceptance and use.  Through our unique formulation successfully addresses this limitation.

4.  NEED FOR ADDITIONAL VITAMIN D, above the amount found in most CF-specific multivitamins.  Our line of Softgels and Chewables were developed to address the Step Increase Guidelines published by the CF Foundation, helping may patients receive the amounts of A, D, E and K in a single multivitamins.

Through MVW range of products everyone has access to more flavor choices, all age apropriate forms, formulations with amounts that meet the guidelines.

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